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Welcome to Passover

Dear Friends -

Passover and the Seder, in particular, are some of my favorite aspects of Jewish living. Exploring Passover and creating a Seder that is based on tradition but reflects today and the people at your Seder are wonderful opportunities that arrive every Spring.

Years ago I made a distinction between saying "I am proud to be Jewish" and saying "I am happy to be Jewish." At the time, I suggested that, although I frequently meet Jews who are proud about their heritage, I don't always meet Jews who are authentically happy to be Jewish here and now.

I believe the Seder can accomplish both purposes for Jews who care.

Be proud - There is nothing like the home celebration Judaism has given us.

Be happy - You own it! From the declaration that "all who are hungry deserve to eat" through to the statement that "every one of us ought to feel as if we were liberated from Egypt," all of it is Judaism and all of it is yours.

Be happy!

There are a many ways to personalize the Seder.

Just think, be creative, and relaxed.

Explore the resources in this collection.

And, by the way, have the people present at your Seder sign the inside cover of the leader's Haggadah. If you do this annually over a number of years, you will develop a wonderful record of your family and friends.