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The center for Jewish life is in the home. Whatever customs and rituals you may want to practice as part of your home-life, we want to help and support those efforts. In this section, we have provided explanations and instructions for how to conduct a range of home-based customs and rituals. These include "how-to's" for candle-lighting, prayers for the Sabbath and other occasions, and clips of the melodies for various prayers.

For those unfamiliar with conducting home-based customs and rituals, we will be happy to help. Don't worry about doing it perfectly the first time. The important thing is to get started. Also, it is meaningful and fun to develop some of your own variations and additions to the traditional customs and rituals you will find in this section.

As the seasons change, our website updates and provides information on the Jewish holidays.

On a more regular basis, Shabbat is the place you may want to begin. Our website presents a tremendous amount of material on Shabbat from history to theory, from abstract ideas to very concrete and personal perspectives. In addition, you can also find the basic blessings that welcome Shabbat at home on Friday nights as well as a sampling of the music we use in our Shabbat services.

Take a peak.

If you are a beginner or an advanced "student," you'll find something of interest.

How to Celebrate Shabbat

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