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This list of music and prayer from the Shabbat Service at Sinai Temple will be expanded during the Fall of 2010. Our goal is to increase the ability of our congregation to join with the Cantor and Rabbi as we celebrate Shabbat together. The blessings for the celebration of Shabbat at home on Friday evening are also available on this web site.


Chatzi Kaddish Friday Night

Barchu by Siegel

Sh'ma by Sulzer


Mi Chamochah by Freed

V'shamru by Rothblum

Yism'chu (Folk Tune)

Adonai S'fatai

Avot V'imahot


Atah Kadosh

Shalom Rav by Klepper and Freelander

Oseh Shalom by Hirsch

Oseh Shalom by Klepper

Torah Blessings


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