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Torah Study

The core of Sinai's adult learning takes place every Saturday morning year round. A group of 25 to 35 congregants meets with Rabbi Shapiro at 9 a.m. on Saturdays to study Torah. Sometimes the focus of the learning is the weekly Torah portion. Over the years, however, the group has devoted itself to studying various texts such as the story of King David or the Book of Esther. Several years ago the focus of learning was the Jewish ethical tradition called Mussar. Another year, we worked our way through a single Torah portion from the Book of Deuteronomy that contained material pertaining to ethics, sexuality, war, and economic justice. The topics vary from week to week and come alive for the 21st century. Bagels and coffee come with Shabbat morning Torah Study. Newcomers are welcome!!!!

Other Opportunities

Over the years, Sinai's adults have had many other opportunities to learn. Scholar in Residence weekends have taken place. Adult Hebrew is offered. Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah and even Adult Confirmation are also part of our learning environment.

We have also created special opportunities for learning on Friday evenings. A popular innovation has involved a 6 p.m. "early" service followed by a congregational Shabbat dinner followed by either a film or speaker.

The Temple bulletin monitors what's new month by month and year by year.


Those who have chosen Judaism are welcome at Sinai Temple. If you are interested in learning more about choosing to become Jewish, please contact Rabbi Shapiro. Since every person is unique, the process for becoming Jewish varies from person to person. You can learn more about what might work for you by meeting with the Rabbi. He and you will be able to work together to create a conversion process that suits you..

This Week's Torah Reading

You can learn about Torah and the weekly Torah portion by consulting any number of resources. Our Temple library has a number of excellent books on Torah. They are mostly on "reserve," which means they don't leave the library. They are on the big bookshelf to your right as you enter the library.

You can also ask either the Rabbi or Cantor for other textual resources.

If you want to study through the internet, you can locate materials on the weekly Torah portion and a great deal more by following these links:

Internet Resources is a transdenominational website of Jewish information and education geared toward learners of all ages and educational backgrounds. It was founded and is produced by Hebrew College in Newton and Jewish Family & Life! It is organized under the topics of History and Community, Daily Life and Practice, Holidays, Lifecycle,Texts, Ideas and Beliefs, and Culture. Among the many resources it offers are How-To Guides on how to do Jewish rituals and customs and a compendium of quizzes that will test your Jewish This Week's Torah Reading.

To understand the approach of Reform Judaism, visit the Reform Judaism Website. It contains everything you want to know on living a Jewish life.

The Reform movement also offers interfaith families many resources. URJ's interfaith page has lots of good links, including articles and the brochures to help families with information they may be searching for.

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